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Roofing and guttering requires exacting work and there are many problems that can arise if not done right.  For example, many roofers install new roofing shingles right over the top of damaged decking.  Our installers always replace worn or questionable decking and get more insurance money for you to get this done.  This is only one of many examples of how we make sure that your insurance claim work is done properly.

To the casual observer several different vinyl windows can look basically the same.  What you will find is that the details are what makes a difference.  A better window is going to have welded frames and sashes.  Pay close attention to the balance system and of course the most important part is how efficient is the window.  R-value, U-factor, and Solar heat gain co-efficient are used to determine efficiency.  Here is a great link to help you understand some of the terminology when dealing with energy efficient windows.

Vinyl siding can be a great way to improve your homes appearance and increase energy efficiency.  Imagine wrapping your home in a weather proof Blanket! 

Special attention need to be paid to insure water is shed away from your home.  Proper use of flashing will prevent any problems. 

One important note:  Vinyl siding expands and contracts.  Seams between panels with the proper overlap allow for this movement.  Installed properly these seams are hardly noticable.

A great source for the consumer to learn more about vinyl siding is the Vinyl Siding Institute.  They have great examples of installation techniques.

Airtight uses a checklist system with all of our installers insure the highest standard of installation.
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